Fix This webpage is not available err_spdy_protocol_error

available -err_spdy_protocol_error

It is so very common that different types of errors pop up while we are working with internet.  There are numerous errors that pop up and not everyone knew how to solve it.

The error could be because of the browser or the third party website or settings that were made recently. Out of many errors, there is this error “ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR” that many internet users are complaining mostly about.

The error pops up and says that the webpage is not available.  This particular error is mainly seen while browsing websites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc.

 available -err_spdy_protocol_error

What does SPDY Error specify?

Before getting started, let us know what this error specifies.  SPDY is a chrome browser protocol that helps loading of websites at faster speeds to promote web security.

Google, the parent of this protocol had taken back its support for SPDY due to HTTP 2 vulnerability problem.

The reasons for the occurrence in windows of this error include outdated Chrome Browser and antivirus.  You can easily fix this error by following the below methods.


This error majorly occurs in http tagged websites.  If you have ever faced this error and want to know some effective ways to get rid of it then you can find the solutions here in our page.

  1. Update Chrome Browser

Let us first start with simple step.  Start by updating your chrome browser.  If the old version of the Chrome does not support the protocol,

it shows this SPDY error whereas the latest version of Chrome could support the protocol.  So, if the chrome browser is at fault, you can get rid of the error soon after the update.

update chrome

  1. Check Antivirus/Firewall Settings

Sometimes using antivirus could also stand as a reason for this error.  If you are using Avasta antivirus or any of its substitutes, then the Avasta Security Software could be the reason behind the error.  Follow the steps below to get rid of the error.


Open the Avast Web Shield main page and click on the first tab saying Main Setting.  Click on enable HTTPS scanning.  Add the website that is showing the error to the exclusion list and open the website in chrome after clearing the cache.

If you see the same error in multiple sites then you need to disable the HTTPS Scanning option in Avast Web Shield.

  1. Clean up the Chrome

If you still see the error, download the clean up tool and run it to get rid of the error.  You can find many cleanup tools online.  Find the best one.

  1. Flush Sockets

Sockets could be yet another reason for the error to pop up.  You can remove the sockets to get rid of the error.  You can remove them in two ways:

Flush Sockets

  1. Open Chrome browser and go to the below URL and Flush Sockets.


  1. Open Chrome browser and go the below link and click on Flush Sockets Pool button to avoid the error.


  1. Clear Host cache and DNS Cache

To clear host cache go to chrome browser and go to the url and click on clear host cache button.


To clear the DNS cache, you need to run the command prompt with admin rights.



DNS Cache

That’s it!  These methods in all likelihood will help you solve the error.  Hope you are content with our solutions for the error.

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